We cannot ignore crisis in Ethiopia, says Mary’s Meals

The situation in war-torn Tigray, northern Ethiopia, is worsening after fighting has resumed, the head of Mary’s Meals has warned.

Charity-founder Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow said that the resumption of fighting is ‘making it almost impossible for our partner to get aid to those in need, but we must not make the mistake of thinking there is nothing we can do.’

He said that since November 2020, the charity’s updates from their partner in Tigray have been ‘characterised by gut-wrenching stories of inconceivable brutality and suffering’.

“The relative peace of recent months was both a breath of fresh air and an answer to prayer and we are shocked and saddened by this recent letter detailing yet more horror and suffering as violence has once again broken out,” he said.

“I hope we do not look back in years to come with a heavy feeling of shame and regret because we failed to stand up for our brothers and sisters in their time of need.

“We cannot look away while this continues.”

Mary’s Meals has been serving meals in Tigray since 2017 and before the war was feeding 24,320 children every school day. The closure of schools due to the conflict in 2020 meant that access to some areas proved impossible.

Fighting erupted again in northern Ethiopia again last week, shattering a four-month ceasefire, which the charity’s partner in Tigray, unnamed for security reasons, said ‘with each day bringing new horrors’.

“Now, war seems to have been ignited once again, undoubtedly rearing to claim the lives of many young souls who could have contributed for the betterment of humanity.”

Caption: Picture of children in Tigray supplied by Mary’s Meals.

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