Warm welcome for new Archbishop of Glasgow

The news that Bishop William Nolan of Galloway has been appointed the new Archbishop of Glasgow has received a warm welcome from figures across the Church.

Archbishop of St Andrews & Edinburgh Leo Cushley of St Andrews & Edinburgh stated he was ‘delighted’ to hear of Bishop Nolan’s acceptance of his nomination.

“He has proven to be a dedicated leader and pastor of souls in the Diocese of Galloway.

“I have already offered him my warm congratulations and would ask everyone to remember him in their prayers. Glasgow has gained a worthy successor of the much-missed Archbishop Philip Tartaglia.”

Bishop of Motherwell Joseph Toal said that the appointment was ‘great news’.

“The thoughts and prayers of the community of the Diocese of Motherwell are with Bishop Bill as he becomes our Metropolitan Archbishop, being very much aware that he comes from Motherwell and as a Diocesan priest served in the Diocese for almost forty years.

“His long experience as a Parish Priest has been clear in his time as Bishop of Galloway and will continue to be so in his pastoral care of the Archdiocese.

“He follows in the footsteps of Cardinal Joseph Winning, another Motherwell priest who became Archbishop of Glasgow, and the fact that the two Scottish Archbishops will soon be from Motherwell Diocese is a testament to the faith of the local Catholic community and its vital contribution to the life and mission of the Church in Scotland.”

Fr William McFadden, Vicar General of the Diocese of Galloway, said that Bishop Nolan presented a ‘genuinely collaborative approach’ to his pastoral vision.

He led with humility and determination, inspired by the initiatives of Pope Francis, and focussing on the needs of the Church for the 21st century.

“This appointment will allow him to serve both the people of Glasgow and the wider Church with the same abilities with which he served us in Galloway for seven valuable years.

“We will miss him, but appreciate greatly the contribution which he made, and the legacy which he leaves.”

Jill Kent, Chair of Justice and Peace Scotland, which Bishop Nolan acts as Bishop for, said that in the last five years she could not have asked ‘for a more inspirational leader.’

“He has consistently spoken out for the poor and marginalised. All the while, he has guided us to work in the tradition of Catholic Social Teaching keeping our Catholic faith at the forefront of the work we do.

“During the Delegates Mass for COP26, Bishop Nolan gave a challenging homily calling for everyone to take the difficult steps to not only talk about making changes, but actually transform ourselves and the way we live.

“At end of the homily, the congregation spontaneously reacted with a standing ovation.

“I imagine people across Glasgow, and Scotland for that matter, will be applauding once again at this wonderful news.”

During the Mass for COP26, Bishop Nolan called for Catholics to think of the environment not just as the climate, but as God’s creation.

Bishop Nolan also emphasised that ‘the teachings of Jesus are a call to conversion. A call to complete change of life.’

Alistair Dutton, Chief Executive of SCIAF, which Bishop Nolan is on the Board, said the charity deeply appreciates his commitment to social justice.

“SCIAF has benefited greatly from his leadership, most recently his contributions throughout COP26 when he brought together different agencies of the Church very effectively.”

You can read a full interview with the Archbishop-elect in the upcoming edition of The Scottish Catholic out this Friday.

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