Scottish independence resolved ‘the English way’, says pope

Pope Francis has said the issue of Scottish independence has been settled ‘the English way’ during an interview with the Spanish newspaper ABC.

During the interview, the Holy Father was asked whether Catalan priests should involve themselves in politics, to which he replied that those who wish to should ‘leave the priesthood and become a politician.’

Pope Francis remarked on the matter that ‘the Church cannot make propaganda for one side or the other.’

On the issue of Catalan independence, he drew parallels with Scotland.

“Spain is not the only case in the world,” the Holy Father said.

“Each country has to find its historical path to solve these problems.”

Stating that there is ‘no single solution’, he cited North Macedonia, South Tyrol, and Scotland as examples of how separatist sentiments can be addressed.

“The English have resolved the requests of Scotland ‘the English way’,” he said.

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