SCIAF launches hunger crisis appeal

The Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund has made an urgent appeal for donations to help the millions in danger of ‘being killed by famine’.
The UN has warned that millions of people are at risk of hunger, malnutrition, and famine caused by rising costs of living, the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the climate crisis.
SCIAF said their partners in South Sudan ‘are reporting widespread suffering where extreme weather, political instability and global food issues have made access to food extremely difficult.’
Alistair Dutton, Chief Executive of SCIAF, said the world is facing a hunger crisis ‘at a scale we haven’t seen before.’
“We are all facing rising food costs but the poorest in the world are in danger of being killed by famine,” he said. “We must act urgently to help the world’s poorest people who cannot feed their families and fear the worst.”
Money donated to SCIAF’s appeal will provide food, financial support, seeds and training for growing food.
Those who wish to donate to the hunger appeal can do so here.

Caption: Darister, a farmer from South Sudan who works with SCIAF.

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