‘Repugnant’ assisted-suicide advert slammed by the Church

The Director of the Scottish Catholic Parliamentary Office has blasted the advert by a Canadian fashion retailer which celebrated the assisted-suicide of a 37-year-old woman.

The Simons advert used emotive imagery to illustrate what it called ‘the most beautiful exit’ of Jennyifer Hatch. It was released the day after she ended her life.

Peter Simons, the company’s president, said the advert was intended to help ‘build the sort of communities and spaces that we want to live in’.

The advert has since been taken down.

Anthony Horan, Director of the Catholic Parliamentary Office, said the ‘grotesque’ advert was a ‘harrowing demonstration of a country that has sold its soul.’

“Canada has moved from no assisted suicide to full-on public glorification of suicide in the space of just six years. It is utterly repugnant,” he said.

Mr Horan said that Canadians had previously been assured that assisted-suicide would only be available to those with terminal illnesses, however, from next year those with mental health issues will be eligible.

“And the Canadian authorities are already debating the possibility of opening up assisted suicide to sick children between the ages of 14 and 17,” he said.

Mr Horan said the message from Canada that ‘the sick and vulnerable are dispensable’ was ‘clear’.

“In an abhorrent violation of human dignity, suicide is no longer considered a tragedy to be prevented, but has instead become a cause for celebration,” he said.

“Scotland must not take this depraved road. All life has dignity: the disabled, the elderly, the vulnerable and sick children. Scotland must reject assisted suicide.”

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