Pray for peace every day, says bishop

Bishop Nolan of Galloway has warned that justice and peace remain an ‘elusive dream’ on earth.

In his annual letter to all parishes in Scotland to mark the Day of Prayer for Peace on Sunday January 2nd, the Bishop said that the problems we face  are rooted in ‘human weakness, human failing, and human sinfulness’.

Faced with the pollution of the planet, warfare around the world and callousness and cruelty towards refugees he urges recognition ‘that the core of the problem lies within ourselves, within the human heart’. 

“We pray every year for peace and for justice.” The bishop reflects. “We need to pray fervently not just today but every day, so that the message of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, will touch human hearts; so that we will recognise the dignity of our fellow human beings, particularly those who are strangers to us, particularly those who are poor, particularly those who call out to us for help.”

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