Pope warns Scottish Catholics of ‘God’s judgement’ if we do not protect the earth

The Papal Nuncio to Great Britain travelled to St Augustine’s Church in Coatbridge today where he celebrated Mass and delivered a special message from the Holy Father.

Flanked by the bishops of Scotland, Archbishop Claudio Gugerotti, the Vatican’s representative in the UK, said he had spoken  to Pope Francis three weeks ago, who had been ‘very sad’ he was not able to come to Scotland for the COP26 climate conference. 

The nuncio said the Pope had asked him to go and speak to the people of Scotland on his behalf and read a formal message from the Pope to the Catholics of Scotland.

The Pope said to the Catholics of Scotland he’d ‘hoped to take part in the Cop26 meeting in Glasgow and to spend some time, however, briefly with you. I regret that this did not prove possible’. 

H said he prayed that those meeting in Glasgow to tackle Climate Change found the ‘wisdom and strength to meet this grave challenge’ and that ‘this occasion must not be wasted, or we will face God’s Judgement’

The Pope also said he was praying for all the Catholics of Scotland especially those ‘adversely affected by the pandemic’ and asked for their prayers in return.

Full coverage of this event in the next edition of the Scottish Catholic out November 12th. 

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