Orkney saint makes London debut

A new icon of St Magnus of Orkney is the centrepiece of a new exhibition of Religious Art in London. The artist, Dr Irina Bradley, is one of the leading iconographers in the UK and her works have been exhibited at Buckingham Palace, Christchurch Cathedral in Oxford, Cumberland Lodge in Great Windsor Park, and other prestigious venues.

There are approximately 75 pieces in this new exhibition, entitled ‘Metamorphosis’, including the new icon of St Magnus Erlendsson. The image is based on the recent facial reconstruction of the saint, which in turn drew on photographs from the 1920s of what is said to be the skull of the 12th Century Norse earl.

Dr Bradley’s icons are created to be prayerful meditations which focus on the transformation which takes place in the souls of the faithful.

“It’s more than just a work of art,” she told the BBC. “It’s a prayerful experience. When I was work- ing on the picture it was like St Magnus was staring into my soul.”

The Exhibition is at the London Jesuit centre in Mayfair.

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