Discuss married clergy, says Glasgow synod report

The Archdiocese of Glasgow has released its synod report, which calls for ‘discussing the possibilities of further married clergy’ and more participation for women in the Church.

The report opens by calling the synodal process a ‘journey in faith’ which ‘has identified issues that have allowed the Church to flourish in its traditions and practices and also has promoted discussion on those matters that might strengthen the Church as it faces a challenging future.’

“The principles which the process of synodality particularly promote and encourage are those of co-responsibility, inclusion and open-mindedness,” the document states.

“Where any of these are at risk the Church is the weaker for it. In the consultation process it was clear that the love of the Church makes it possible for these principles to characterise the Church in Glasgow.”

Suggestions for how the Church could be more active include: emphasising inclusivity; more interaction with other religions and denominations; more opportunities for lay contributions; and addressing the decline in church attendance and the rising average age of priests.

Whilst the document noted ‘very significant engagement of the [primary] schools with the parishes’, it raised concern that ‘the attendance at parish Masses is weak and the pupils often find a disconnect between what they experience in school and the experience of faith development at home.’

Furthermore, it said that in secondary schools ‘there is a less secure relationship between school and Church.’

It suggests utilising young people’s interests in environmentalism to foster a deeper relationship with the Faith.

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