Catholic religious named among BBC influential women list

Sister Ann Rose Nu Tawng, who kneeled in front of police to save protestors in Myanmar from being March this year, has been named in the BBC’s 2021 list of the 100 most influential women.

Sr Ann told Reuters earlier this year: “I begged them not to hurt the protesters, but to treat them kindly like family members.

“I told them that they can kill me, I am not standing up until they give their promise that they will not brutally crack down on protesters.”

The BBC in the list said: “The photo of her with her arms spread wide facing heavily armed police officers went viral on social media in March 2021, and won her widespread praise.

“Sister Ann Rose Nu Tawng has openly spoken of protecting civilians, especially children. She has trained as a midwife and has led a life of service for the past 20 years, recently looking after Covid patients in Myanmar’s Kachin state.”

Although senior police officers had given the Sister assurances that violence would not take place, gunshots began soon afterwards.

Sr Ann, who runs a clinic in Myitkyina, Northern Myanmar, tried to bring injured protestors inside the clinic until she was temporarily blinded by tear gas.

Sr Ann stated that the clinic floor ‘became a sea of blood’ and that ‘we need to value human life.’

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