Bishop prays for Pro-Life prayer vigils

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Bishop John Keenan of Paisley has called on Catholics to pray freedom of expression is respected ahead of the Scottish Government’s ‘emergency summit on abortion’.

The summit, which will take place on Monday 27th June, was called by Nicola Sturgeon after pressure from pro-abortion activists to ban pro-life prayer vigils near hospitals.

Bishop Keenan asked for the prayers of Catholics in response.

“Please pray that this emergency summit will have due regard for the rights of the unborn to life, and for those who have become a voice for these voiceless to be allowed their rightful freedom of expression, enshrined in human right constitutions,” he said.

“We also pray for poor women who find themselves in these dilemmas to be offered better choices than abortion, and for women regretting abortion to be supported in paths to healing and new life.”

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