Archbishop Nolan backs windfall tax to ease cost of living crisis

Archbishop William Nolan of Glasgow has joined other Christian leaders in urging Chancellor Rishi Sunak to use a windfall tax on oil companies to support struggling households.

In a joint letter they call upon the chancellor to ‘use the Spring Statement to provide financial and fiscal support for renewable energy and energy efficiency, especially solar and wind energy and the retrofitting of homes and other buildings across the UK’.

The letter appeals for the Government to introduce a Windfall tax in order to support vulnerable households facing a cost-of-living crisis as a result of increasing food and energy prices.

The introduction of a Windfall tax would see oil and gas companies taxed based on their profits made, which have recently increased significantly.

“These measures would reduce heating bills, decrease carbon emissions and increase our energy security,” the letter states.

Archbishop Nolan is the Lead Bishop on the Environment for the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Scotland.

The letter also included signatures from Church leaders from across the UK and denominations, including Rev Dr Gerard Maguiness of the Care of Creation Office for the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Scotland.

The letter concluded: “Now is the time to end our dependence on fossil fuels and fund a fair and fast transition, which will secure our future economic prosperity and protect the livelihoods of vulnerable communities.”

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