Abortion destroys our only life, say bishops

The bishops of Scotland have responded to the Scottish Government’s emergency summit on abortion by saying that ‘we only have one life’.

“Whether we believe in anything spiritual or not, the life that each one of us lives is the only one we have, and to take life from the unborn, no matter how insignificant in size, cannot be right,” the Scottish Bishop’s Conference said.

“The rights of a woman and the compassion and support due to her, and the circumstances of her pregnancy, are naturally of great concern to us, but an unborn life, once taken, can never be restored.  

“This is what makes abortion such a profoundly important matter for all human beings.

“No matter what position we take, this belief in the profound importance of the issue is shared by us all.”

The bishops called for respect and civility in the abortion debate, also imploring those ‘who do not believe human life begins at the moment of conception, invite the question: ‘when does it begin?’ while those who believe that it does, ask the question: ‘what right have we to take a unique and unrepeatable human life?’’

“If we are to be the caring and compassionate society we aspire to be, upholding the sanctity and dignity of all human life must be the foundational principal upon which that aspiration rests,” they said.

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